tire tracks

My father had a motorcycle. I can remember riding behind him with my arms wrapped around his back and my cheek pressed against his jacket. We had a sidecar but he would never let me ride there – it was mostly used as a trunk to transport buckets filled with berries and vegetables. Today I have a bike of my own, and whenever I ride it I remember those days. Everything in my life has since changed – I live in a different country and I now have children of my own, but the wind that blows in my face and the tire tracks that trail off behind me are the same…

Biker’s clock

Laser cut

“Every woman must have a black dress, pearl necklace, gold ring with diamonds etc.”, fashion blogs say. You can agree or disagree but what they’re right about is that some things will always be trends and some will last forever.

Laser cut jewelry is becoming more and more popular. It won’t be long before it becomes one of the items on “must have” lists of fashion bloggers. I’m curious to see what styles will be picked as “classic laser cut”. With all variety it’s still very hard to find those striking pieces.

At Allmylight, we never stop experimenting with new materials and designs.  Combining metal and wood, wood and acrylic, leather cutting…  There is so much potential and we are eager to make the most awe inspiring pieces especially for you!  🙂

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Baby AllMyLight

AllMyLight is still very young. 6 months old to be exact. That’s when a human baby learns how to sit.  Babies sit, topple and then sit up again.  They never even entertain the idea of giving up.  The idea is literally nonexistent in their universe.

We’re still searching for new ways to get the world’s attention. How do we let people know we exist? How do we find our supporters, admires and lost browsers looking for that perfect thing they don’t yet know they’re missing? 

Being unique is not enough anymore.  Having a great quality is not enough.  Being eco-friendly is not enough… How do we connect with the world and how do we fit in? I put up an ad the other day that I am looking for a model to advertise AllMyLight jewelry. It was more like an experiment to see if there was anyone willing to help almost for free… To my surprise, lots of beautiful women responded.  As a result I’ve got sessions scheduled, but more importantly I made great connections, met a lot of people and received great support. I do feel the world is listening, the world is there for us.